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Gear for sale  


David Phillips
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20/08/2017 22:18  

Ive decided to get one transmitter to use for everything and have decided on Jeti as this does everything I need but there not cheep so am sell my old gear all work well no fault as you know from down the field 

So I have 


14 mz transmitter  good condition £150 

Loads of r617fs receivers x 11  £30 each 

also several r6014 fs receivers  x 3 £60 each  one is new never used


Groupner mz24   £100

gr24 reciever  x 4  £35 each

gr12 receiver x 3  £20 each

gr16  receiver x 1  £20 each 

also a hot gps 33600 unit £40 never used 

jr xg14e transmitter  £150

rg831b receivers x4  £40 each

rg812b receiver X1  £40

Let me know if anyone interested