Glider Bags!  

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dan gleballs
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06/02/2019 17:06  

Hi Mike,  I had a couple of HobbyKing's gliders bags delivered today, having ordered only last Friday, Thought that was rather a good delivery, as they were sent over from Netherlands. Having put my Pro into one of them they seem fit for purpose .  I shall bring one down to the field on Sunday weather permitting and you can see for your self. What i like about them is that you can keep the wings and Fus. all together  protecting them from any damage that is caused by mishandling in the garage or transporting in the car, also i like the idea of being able to hang them from the  ceiling out of the way. If you or junior are interested in buying one i shall be ordering a couple more next week, so let me know.. 😀 😀 😀 . No point in asking anyone else if they are wanting any as this site unfortunately has many pairs of eyes watching but just a few who are able to type.  🤣  🤣  🤣  🤣 . I probally wont get any brownie points for making that remark.  🤐  🤐  🤐 .

Happy Flying Mike,




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Mike Newton
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06/02/2019 17:30  

Hi Dan,

Wow that was quick for H/K  😲  as for wanting any, probably will so I'll have a good look at yours when next we meet.

As for the comment, I think you may have just pricked a few consciences  but you are right we could do with a few more members contributing, shame really as it started so well. Still if the forum fails completely I can just remove it from the website altogether  😟 😟 😟   


Happy Landings

Mike Snr

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