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Power Glider Competition  

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Brian M
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31/03/2019 22:04  

The Results

The competition was completed with only one casualty of the day. Sadly Ian's model crashed soon after launch on the first round and damage the wing, although it is repairable. Only seven flyers took part which was not ideal, particularly, with Ian's mishap, resulting in only two slots per round being flown. The day was light winds with wall to wall blue sky which at times made visibility difficult to see the model when it was high. David Yale won on the day by maxing every round. Perhaps the fact his engine ran for most of the slot time on each round had something to do with his success. Thanks to Mike snr, Mike jnr and John Bruce for their services as time keepers.

The results are on the attached file.

Take-Offs are optional, Landings are mandatory

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